Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Ah, Colorado Springs. A beautiful place to live and visit. And when it comes to visiting a new location, it helps to know what there is to see and do in your chosen location in order to get the most out of your trip. In this article, we will mention some of the best things to do in Colorado Springs.

1. Garden of the Gods

Colorado as a state is known for its natural beauty. And one location that allows for enjoyment of this natural beauty is Garden of the Gods, which is in Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods is a National Landmark which features beautiful places for rock climbing, geological formations, nature trails, and even a nature center which visitors are welcome to enjoy. This is certainly a thing to do while in Colorado Springs.

2. Pikes Peak

Another excellent thing to do that allows you to take in the sights of nature is visit Pikes Peak. Here you can ascend to over 14,000 feet and witness spectacular views of Colorado that you will surely never forget. You can also travel down various hiking trails and see the breathtaking wildlife that calls the area home. Don’t forget to bring your camera! You aren’t going to find sights like this anywhere else.

3. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We love zoos. And when traveling with children, it’s no secret that little ones do too! But you don’t have to feel bad about visiting a zoo even when you don’t have kids in your party. Everyone enjoys the sights of animals! So if you find yourself in Colorado Springs and wanting to do something fantastic, take a day to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is America’s only zoo that is located up in the mountains, and it provides excellent views of the city as well as 750 beautiful animals to spend some time with.

4. Helen Hunt Falls

Mountains are beautiful, and so are waterfalls! Thankfully, Colorado Springs has these in spades. One place where you can see some spectacular sights of falling water is Helen Hunt Falls. You’ll find friendly faces, gorgeous wildlife, and of course, excellent waterfall landscapes. So make sure you bring your swimsuit and head on over to Helen Hunt Falls.

In conclusion, Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to enjoy nature and other fun stuff. When you are in this wonderful city, scratch these great things to do off of your list. You’ll be so glad you did!